Dalakaffi Café  Bar Bistro

Hidden away in the Ölfusdalur valley is an absolute gem of a coffie house. With freshly made cakes, deliciously brewed coffee, hot chocolate topped off with whipped cream, this is a haven for all visitors to the area. Whether you are hiking along the valley and bathing in the natural streams in Reykjadalur, or visiting the geothermal park, or just exploring the region and want a great place to stop. The views are lovely and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Dalakaffi is in Ölfusdalur valley, where plumes of steam can be seen for miles. Ölfusdalur valley is to the north of Hveragerði , a town which has long been one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations. Hiking and riding trails stretch from the town throughout the valley, into the Hengill volcanic area and all the way to the Nesjavellir geothermal area and Þingvellir National Park. Along the way is the famous “hot river” where bathing is possible in warm water.

Salmon and trout swim in the Varmá River, berries grow wild in fields to the west of town, and innumerable walking trails wind through the beautiful countryside.

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Magnea Jónasdóttir is a resident of the Ölfusdalur valley, living on a local farm with her family. She knows the area very well and is a keen conservationist. The Icelandic conuntryside is a passion of hers, and she has opened Dalakaffi to  enhance visitor´s experience of the local area.

NB We are closed due to the Icelandic National Holiday 17th of June. We´ll open again on the 18th.

Opening hours May 2017 

Monday         13-18

Tuesday         13-18

Wednesday   13-18

Thursday       13-18

Friday            13-18

Saturday        11-18

Sunday           13-18


Group bookings are available (10+)

Group bookings;
Call us  or send us an email, we will be happy to hear from you.

Phone: 00354 862 8522

E-mail: dalakaffi@gmail.com

contact: Mrs Magnea Jonasdottir




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